Hi, I'm Krissy!

As a stay at home mom of five and a small hobby breeder of
rare, hard to find Shih Tzus, I guess you could call me a
professional mom. I love caring for little ones and there are
plenty to look after between the kids, adult dogs and their

Raising babies (my own or our puppies) is hard work, but well
worth the time and energy put into them. You are sure to fall in
love with one of my puppies when you come for a visit.

My husband is a key part of our puppies care and finding them
a forever home. His support with legal, technical and business
aspects of our puppies is invaluable. He answers emails when I
may not have time at the moment, establishes policies, and
updates our puppy contract and website. Snuggly Shih Tzus
would not be possible without my husband's knowledge, time
and patience.

Our children are also an important part of helping socialize our
puppies. The kids love to talk to and play with the puppies daily.
Since the puppies are raised in our home, they are accustomed
to all the normal sounds of a household except maybe a
vacuum since we have mostly hard floors in our house (so your
puppy may run and hide when you turn yours on since we don't
need to use ours much).

I want to say thank you to every person who has ever adopted
one of our furry little ones. Your feedback, pictures, testimonies
and support for my breeding program have helped make
Snuggly Shih Tzus what it is today. So in a way, you have
helped shape our breeding program by letting us know what we
were doing right and how we could make things even better. I
love getting updates about your puppy and pictures showing
their favorite activity or how much they have grown. Your
referrals provide encouragement that we are raising our
puppies right. When you return to adopt another puppy from us
I love to watch your eyes light up just as they did all those years